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Hire room career 5 times of the belle: of brilliant of haze of Ning of Nai of s
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The first landlord is angel

Just went to Beijing when two one bring shame on, stay overnight at sb else's place of first a week is in abduct in an aunt home of several curved understanding, nevertheless the following day the aunt says she does not plan to stay in Beijing, a week hind goes, or I continue to hire her the house of that day price, or moves rapidly person. I can select a person only, not bad at that time network very developed, the course is chosen heavily, after filtering to exceed 50 intermediary, looked for him house-owner eventually the information of rental house, omited a large sum of intermediary cost.

Angel landlord one motor pulls me to to be apart from Beijing famous Tian Tongyuan is even far 7, the village of 8 kilometers, the southeast northwest that meets me return pair of capitals then is not quite clear, do not have sober understanding more to blocking a car up, just encountered what be willing to hire house petty gain to me me to die with respect to titter. Hundreds of yuan can hire a two bedrooms, still hit wishful thinking at that time, feel oneself can look for to add up to the comrade that hire to partake charge, did not think of foolish have me only.

But landlord is very good really, after I take out a variety of prooves such as card of record of formal schooling, Id, pitiable appeal, he agrees with my month to pay rent unexpectedly. He is not disturbed in the process that lives later, receiving the day that hire also is to be by day near the company contact, if have what thing bad need to repair, also be to take the advantage of me to go to work to give foster cordial relations between countries secretly by day for certain, after-thought rises now that comrade is good comrade really! But I give the name of this comrade unexpectedly now,forgot. Regrettablly regrettablly.

Nevertheless that house is really too far, I another village on the side of that village is called " look home " , oh, can visit a capital only over so. Block a car up to make do, I was about to get up at 5 o'clock almost everyday, the left and right sides set foot on the regular bus of the village at 6 o'clock, on two hours are blocked up in the city to pour the subway again in road. After-thought rises now is to be able to 't bear turn one's head it seems that, but await oneself in those days or be very happy with it, prove adequately right now: I am already old.

The 2nd landlord is wealthy person

The house is in Fang Zhuang, began to close hire the life. Landlord is so rich that landlord be no good, although be detain pays the established practice of 3, but he always forgets will close hire, even if we call actively he also is maximum half an year just comes. Once 8 his months did not come, we looked for him to will be not contacted in Feburary, we want to carry wrap up abscond very much at that time, all troubles end when the main trouble ends. . Although passivity defaults chummage,be a favour, but this also brings about us there is what thing to always be couldn't get in the home seasonable reparative, when going to school fortunately although chemical grade is very poor, but of physics pretty good still, I am appropriative had electrician and water industry. Major life problem or can effective ground are solved. At that time my vehicle already progress, had oneself drive -- 50 yuan secondhand bicycle. (Does resembling of try to win sb's favor calculate now broke the law? ) use only everyday ride 50 minutes can arrive at a company. I still remember that landlord surnaming to now piece, because call really,ask the number that makes chummage is too much actively.
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