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"Go all out hire " a group of things with common features another lives
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This house is so expensive nowadays that this house frighten a the dead, for the person that buys a room to be done not have to having a job two years, it is an incredible story absolutely. Accordingly, those come to Beijing hit the belles of handsome young man that go all out, be forced to choose to rent a house. Can hire a room to also be not easy susceptive, the urban district at every turn two the month of 3000 is hired, to monthly pay more than 1000 arrive 2000 those who come forward them, accept hard likewise, then, beside much " go all out hire " gens.

Small beautiful human affairs person specially assigned for a job is done in the company, run only namely social security and make salary pool, monthly pay 1500 yuan, the company is located in downtown locally, small beautiful the cheap house that rents a Long Guan so, let her must go there and back everyday cost time of nearly 4 hours. Must not with, small beautiful consideration to march in the city, can ask, mom! The little room inside Cheng of a hour of car wants 1005 above. Look at small beautiful put on a long face, all of us replaces her really anxious.

As it happens attends a meeting on the weekend, what the secretary of area chief inspector comes east is early, when a few girls chat, hear she also is in the problem of depressed house. Original, young secretary lives in Shi Jingshan, adjustable after Ren Dong area, be about to traverse everyday Beijing city. This age diminutive, most rise early what be afraid of namely, sleep less ten minutes everyday not willing, this should sleep less a many hour ah!

Small beautiful listen come spirit: "Hey, are you a person is hired? " young secretary eye one glare: "How to ask? The other people is single still! " small beautiful explain rapidly: "Not be that meaning, I also a person is hired, also want to live in the eastern side, if your one the individual's word, do we close is hiring to you can be saved bit? " young secretary administers glad: "Too marvellous, I am anxious, chummage of the eastern side is one times more expensive than Shi Jingshan much, I feel distressed dead. If we are hired together,can hire a bit bigger! " small beautiful resembled what remembering, face about asks on the side downstage small fragrance: "Do you remember selling the Zhao Yang of the ministry? She seems to also renting a house, we one collect can hire 3 people small two house, everybody is some more capacious! Everybody is some more capacious!!

After 3 days, we see ground of fire of fire of small Lifeng wind sees a room everywhere, be less than fortnight, new residence of change of family Dou Qiao. From now on, 3 sisters are not to make an appointment to shop, it is fitness, still be be envious letting a person really!

The classmate's cousin seeks progress to Beijing, I am received at a draught to the railway station come back 6 people, original, they are classmate accompany sb seek an opportunity into Beijing. Look at sit a flock of children of roomful, I did not know how to be arranged really, send hostel, the Qian Jian that they take cannot hold a few days. Make them temporarily live in, it is to be not installed really.
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