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Living together is a beautiful thing. Two friendless on the world people each other are taken care of, caress, without one paper affiance, can raise case neat eyebrow all the same however, that one warmth passes time brings a great change to the worlds also all the same provoking memory.

Closing without He Shenxue hire previously, I resemble a partisan all the time like, live here a few months, run again there live a few months, flounder everywhere and be very happy with it.

Of in the course of contacts, whole Beijing city also was mixed by me times ripe. Because,not be brother I am poor, can not afford a house, you also know, youth, of the graph is a freedom, as long as can careless, what is willing, said again, if it were not for such, I which can understand Beijing so?

Actually I am pure Peking Man, those are coiling now what the tongue talks is not certain and authentic. What calls authentic Peking Man? Is there Beijing number of households and total population? Either.

Like us this kind can go to family tree trace 500 years the ability previously is true Beijing aboriginal. But because as a child the brotherly sister in the home is much, a copy kept as a record is poor, so I also had been sufferred from too thoroughly, because know,doing not have the difficulty of money, so so much year come I just am hit hard go all out, aspire should be developed with his both hands give a wide world to come out

You see me, there was a car now, there was deposit in the bank, also be on the career small successful, should feel to satisfy originally? Look later regrettablly, leng Buding just discovers him mustache one big, already passed 28 years old, be about to run quickly continuously soon 30.

The person says 30 and stand, see me now this appearance, should drive in 30 years old to get married be afraid difficult where! A lone man, did not get married, wear again good dress, also appear all the same dingy, alas, is because there is the cause of a woman,this still? If there is a woman to often be washed in the home,wash rinse, perhaps say what the nag talks about, I still am not to become all the same glossy is ablaze, resemble a southern.

We am busy before, what brain thinks is to go straight towards career make a living wandering from place to place to profiteer, in the end, delayed love because of the career however. Want to say, the person is senior so big, had never one'sed mind disturbed for the woman, that is false, unless this person mind has a problem. Because,be only a variety of reasons, a few originally pretty good, appropriate girl stopped from next let slip end the hand, want also pretty regrettablly.

Alas, do not say this, from height alone also stopped, even complicity family member worries about for me, I that is fast old woman of 60 years old has reminded me for many times, say my eldest child is not small also should become a home.
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