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The building rents violate compasses run grow in intensity: House of?1 of Shen o
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Two room run personally 11 house

An usable floor area the two bedrooms of 72 square metre, by greatly small lay between 11 " house " , besides a public toilet, don't have again but the place of offal... whether can you imagine such setting?

In the village of the home that build project around cereal of sunny area joy, model the young lady was witnessed with respect to saw with one's own eyes so a play. Last weekend, model the bridal chamber that young lady and husband begin cheerly to decorate his, concern to do well with prospective neighbour, 2 people beat the door of adjoining neighbour home. Everything before makes 2 people foolish eye: Resemble in the house labyrinthian and same, a certain number of clapboard originally one hall lay between two rooms 11 " hut " . Every are lain between in can hold below one piece of single bed only.

Model the seriousness that the thing realized on young lady horse, she understands a situation with property rapidly, should come owner phone, this ability knows house of chief commander of original course of study with " the building stewards " the form hired house property intermediary, immediately of house property intermediary looked for tenant again, and the tenant that decorating is a building actually honest employer, hire a house to be become for the sake of giving employee dormitory.

"The house that work laboriously loan buys, live next door come in ten people, it is to be at ease really no less than. " model the young lady expresses to the reporter.

The reporter acquired connection with the owner of the building subsequently, this owner expresses, oneself do not understand house hack situation, but when signing a contract with intermediary at the outset, agree clearly on the contract " when decorating unalterable building pattern. Agree clearly on the contract " when decorating unalterable building pattern..

The reporter understands, the market is rented to go up in current house, a few hire by intermediary company in advance after falling again the house of relet, often appear the circumstance of pattern of wanton change building. This has non-standard company action among them, also have the individual action of agent.

Although Beijing is done not have to group the relevant provision that hire, but carry out formally at rising on January 1 this year " Beijing building hires management a certain number of regulations " in the area of average per capita after renting to the building has relatively strict regulation. The reporter was contacted at once when thing building intermediary -- I love my home. That day in the evening, I love me a Hu Jinghui of holding company vice-president, reach ministry of customer service, public relations the cause and effect that relevant controller explained a thing to the reporter face to face.

I love my home to express, this has event and nonego loves my home place to be, however tenant break a contact. Hu Jinghui introduces, course and this building agent, owner and tenant are checked, this incident produces department tenant to did not abide by what love my home to sign with me to hire room contract, decorate in what the do sth without authorization below the condition that conceals actual living number undertakes. I loved my home to remove quickly already to rent a contract with tenant that day, apologize to owner. The reporter reachs neighbour model young lady to be in understanding to arrive from this room owner later, this incident has been solved really, violate compasses a certain number of clapboard that decorate already also were demolished entirely.
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