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Shanghai group hire sublessor of phenomenal occurrence get damp to use a curtain
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Recently, reporter from ever was by analogy " on Shanghai a flock of hiring village " in Pu Tuo area far two bays city learns, individual sublessor uses new method to break up group rent a house, make group of phenomena renting a house that already improved considerably last year appear of certain dimensions " get damp " . Current, this phenomenon already got concerned sectional attention, and eduction repair program.

Meanwhile, on Shanghai Kang Cheng of Shanghai of the oldest village also last week day begins the first punish group lease the operation.

- new phenomenon: Curtain cloth space, encounter an examination to pack up

Between the Xiaochan that breaks up a few square metre with tile of the board in impression group hire a room to differ, of a kind of simple and easy type group hire a room to appear in in far inside two bays city. Recently, when go on a tour of inspection of corridor of routine of village security personnel, discover a few barpque group rent a house. These group hire the clapboard that did not look so that see inside the room, and wait to disassemble movably with curtain, screen and heavy curtain merely room of type device space, with the bathhouse likeness of bar of the dress in big market, collocation of together with bed was become simpler group rent a house.

Property staff member tells a reporter, this kind group after hiring a room to act in the punish last year mostly restorable, but bear the sublessor that leases a building to continue group hire, thought of both neither needs to be decorated afresh, can with execute the law the branch works as a guerrilla break up means. Once undergo an examination, need to withdraw next curtain intersected shares only, restore to close into nominal rent a house, can escape the inspection of concerned branch.

The reporter confirms from village property place, from this year after the Spring Festival, in far two bays city appeared of certain dimensions group hire " get damp " phenomenon. Besides new-style and simple and easy group outside hiring a room to appear, other " get damp " group hire a room to be repair process is medium last year, promise to be rectified and reform by oneself final however " break an appointment " nail door. And the reporter learns from relevant section of general Tuo division, punish group the job that hire had not stopped all the time up to now since last year.