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Shen Cheng is secondhand the room is fervent and ecbolic " raises room " with th
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After the Spring Festival passes, the Shenyang building market that rent is entered active period. The room cause with good place is hot, then, "Raise a house with the room " wait for kind of house property economy also subsequently active. As the change of near future market level, to should hiring room or the issue that buy a house after all, different person is having different understanding. The reporter discovers in investigation, no matter be to rent a house, buy a house or sell a house, besides the requirement of the price of a sector of an area of the building and itself of the person that buy a house, calculating good deal Zhang also is crucial.

"Raise a house with the room " computational investment is formulary

Current, using old building to raise new building is a topic of fashionable conduct financial transactions, this kind " raise a house with the room " borrow money namely after purchasing the 2nd flatlet to produce, rent the first flatlet is produced, repay with hire income month of investment way that offer. If the lunar income of a person can't pay a bank loan principal and interest, or it is the daily expense that every months can't keep after paying, and it is OK to have hack empty room, and the heat area that the position with this located house is the market that rent fitly, can consider to adopt this plan so, will original housing is rental, with bank of earning hire liquidate loan purchases bridal chamber.

Plant to using this for the citizen of economy kind, want to calculate good brushstroke Zhang, if rent,that is house property year bank of yield prep above mortgages loan interest rate, should rent, sell conversely. It is with Ms. Feng exemple, she wants to lease a building that is located in a sector of an area of gold of 3 good markets, return the loan of new building with hire next, the floor area of old building makes an appointment with 50 square metre, room it is vintage 2 rooms one hall, at present market prise appraisal is 240 thousand yuan. This room needs every year to pay heating cost to wait 1000 multivariate, the lunar hire that this covers a house now 1200 yuan, so clean rent profit of a year is 1200 × 12, 1000=13400 yuan, year hire yield is 13400/240000=5.583% , the cost of bank business loan with summary current prep above, below this kind of circumstance, choice " raise a house with the room " of means or be to one's profit.

Current " raise a house with the room " , have 3 kinds of kind commonly: It is rental old house, with bank of earning hire liquidate loan purchases bridal chamber. 2 it is investment buys a house, rental still borrow. After buying the bridal chamber that one apply mechanically comes from, buy to hire valence again tall, appreciate big house uses latent capacity technically to rent, with every month steady hire income repays the loan principal and interest of two houses. 3 it is will old house sell or mortgage, buy bridal chamber again.

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