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Shenyang small family building is rented demand exceeds supply every rise 50-100
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After the Spring Festival passes, large quantities of concentration return the person that work and student city, agitate heated up Shenyang town house to rent the market. On March 5, the reporter understands about the branch from bureau of city house property, current, 35 - the small family of 65 square metre building demands exceeds supply. Compare with the photograph before the section, every rise 50-100 yuan / month.

According to the analysis, the add before section of the person that the part rents a house signed the contract that rent, source of the room after causing a red-letter day appears on the market the quantity is opposite less; And the member that Wu worker goes into town after the section is increasing in great quantities again, bring about finally rent rise in price.

Current, be located in urban traffic the house near convenience a sector of an area and college is most popular, one room one hall, two rooms the small family of one hall accept favour especially. Because of small family model a lot of cost can be saved when decorate, should hire a guest to put forward to want to acquire when the establishment of software form a complete set such as home appliance, furniture, house-owner also can satisfy the requirement that rents a settle or live in a strange place more easily according to its circumstance. Distant is big, east wait for amount of the person that the house is rented not only near the college greatly numerous, chummage is apparent also the community with adequate source of room of prep above other, cell price is controlled 500 yuan to 600 yuan in every months.