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Shenyang hires room market to greet " spring " is registered put on record meet
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After the Spring Festival grows a holiday to pass, shen Cheng is secondhand chummage hire market is rapid " get warm again after a cold spell " . The reporter visits discovery of orgnaization of intermediary of a few house property inside city: Source of the room that register and beg the person that hire increasingly grow in quantity, but be put in safe hidden trouble " black dormitory " reach house-owner not to undertake the building is rented put on record wait for a problem to still not allow to ignore.

The fastigium that rent a house will go up slightly to hire

On Feburary 20 morning, the reporter comes to peaceful area intermediary of a house property, push the door to see a pair of landlord that just hand over the key and lodger.

"My house is near this, many meters 80 two bedrooms, a month 1200 yuan. " landlord Mr Zhao holds what gas, water, report folds in beginning to urge capture sheet to tell a reporter, "I am gotten now these before owe cost to fill to the family give in. " weeks the person that rent a house is small are glorious street the design personnel of an ad firm, it is with additionally two the colleague closes the building that lease this.

The staff member of house property intermediary says, the business that rented a house recently sees fire apparently. Very long period of time does not have somebody to see a room year ago, can clinch a deal everyday recently several. Look from the price, it is half an year or the means that pay one year mostly, hire rises somewhat.

Most landlord " dissimulate " do not wish to put on record

Last year on December 1, " house of Shenyang city town rents regulation " apply formally. The citizen wants rental house again or be to rent a house, must sign a building to rent a contract, and register to what house property branch undertakes leasing a building even put on record. Though " byelaw " applied two many months, but Shen Cheng a lot of landlord are not willing to arrive actively building of travel of 80 yuan of Qian Shi rents relevant section pay put on record register.

In the investigation that day the reporter discovers, some building intermediary orgnaizations are right " byelaw " understanding is insufficient, think although 80 yuan of money are not large number, but landlord, lodger and intermediary tripartite everybody is willing to take this money; Some house-owner express, do not have that necessary; Some is flat say not to know this replies a thing.

A staff member tells place of administration of house property of Shenyang river area the reporter, " byelaw " carry out two months to come, shenyang river area is registered in all put on record hundreds of houses, circumstance not very hopeful. Since January, what peaceful area rents a house to many 700 is low protect door carried out register put on record. Relevant section expresses, they will be publicized through increasing, will supervise and urge more and more person that rent a house are rented into travel building register put on record.
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