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Rental building rises today must register cannot rent a house casually without i
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Today is " Beijing building hires management a certain number of regulations " the first weekday that begins to carry out, city is built appoint waited for a branch to be released technically in the morning about carrying out this " regulation " announce, emphasize this city executing a building the rental system that register. Lessor of the building inside this city limits should rise on January 1, 2008, the community to rental building seat (village) conduction building of personnel coming to Beijing and rental building service station is rental register.

According to relevant provision, lessor conduction building is rental register, the fundamental condition that should register number of full name of both sides of lessor, tenant, certificate, rental building and house property card or the content such as building origin proof, service station according to " regulation " for the building the party that rent is offerred register wait for a service, do not get collection any charge.

" regulation " in special point out, lessor must not rent to the person that does not have identification building; Must not offer convenience condition in order to rent the means of the building runs an activity for illegal production; Discover tenant uses rental building to have guilty activity suspicion, answer to report in time to public security mechanism.

As we have learned, each area counties rent building service station basically is set in each street agency.