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Shenyang rents the building founds pilot activity to begin in safety
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On April 18, the reporter understands from bureau of city house property, begin from now, whole town is with Shenyang river area pilot, begin restful and rental building to establish an activity.

Found an activity this to include community place linchpin use dweller house at hack building inside limits (the window that includes to change building use changes the door, storehouse, garage to wait for rental building) . Establishing mobile focal point is, had become rental house put on record register. On the foundation of check, by house property branch of director of the administration that rent is opposite the circumstance such as the lessor of rental building, tenant, address, utility, hire, element that rent a house types system of personal computer management, register tabulation. Party is not dealt with by the regulation register put on record of formalities, by urban house branch of director of the administration that rent instructs deadline to fill do; Branch of director of the urban house administration that rent and community should supervise lessor to must not rent the building the tenant that does not have lawful and effective certificate, discover tenant has illegal crime activity to perhaps have illegal crime suspicion, ought to report in time to public security mechanism. To should mastering of evil doing of tenant previous conviction or illegal crime clew mainly, the nest that cannot make rent the building becomes outlaw to be engaged in violating guilty activity is nodded.

According to statistic of house property branch, live in Shenyang city all the year round, foreign staff of the job amounts to 80 much people, among them 90% above hire a room to live. Current, shenyang city rents the building has 250 thousand to reach 300 thousand, but register every year occupy only 1/4 the left and right sides. What the building rents is relatively non-standard caused a lot of safe hidden trouble, make duty source many prediction of a person's luck in a given year.