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Renting a house is not simple thing outer hire a room to want to notice what ask
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The process that rent a house basically includes to search a house source, on-the-spot examine, argy-bargy, sign 4 link such as the contract that rent a house, there are a lot of details that need an attention in these 4 link. If oversight among them certain details, may give the person that rent a house the following life bring a few needless troubles, so every link must be treated seriously, cannot treat sth lightly.

The first: Affirming a house is him lessor. Should seeing Fang Benhe id card is a person, OK the date of this the first page copies a room to be looked up to net of room canal bureau.

Leave bilateral Id photocopy, the phone.

The 2nd: House-owner wants in the agreement that rent a house water, report, gas it is clear to wait for initial figure copy, it is clear that payment and date also must be written.

The 3rd: Landlord received your money to must hit receipt, this ten million cannot forget.

The 4th: It is clear to should describe some big things in the home and condition should describe some big things in the home and condition, lest retreat the landlord when the room,find fault intentionally sequestered gold.

The 5th: If be to pass a net to go up,rent a house, must choose major, reliable website.

Seek room source: Does one Yang of Qin of  happy event or firewood?

Seeking room source is relatively the thing of would you mind, because want to accord with the economic condition of the person that rent a house above all, get advantage of contented life, job again, these two get give attention to two or morethings, such ability won't attend to one thing and lose another.

At present particular approach basically has two, it is to pass company of house property intermediary, get online namely again oneself search room source. Passing intermediary company is at present most a kind of method of save trouble, right beside one of company of house property intermediary mastered news of cause of a lot of rental rooms, the person that rent a house should offer his think of a way to them only, general metropolis gets relatively satisfactory answer.