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If why the personage outside the condition leases a building in home?
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Be in business in home as the personage outside the condition, the number of the job, study is increasing, selecting living site is a serious problem to them. Say commonly, if short-term live, choose to go to the lavatory quite, and if be the word that lives for a long time, lease a building with respect to need or buy a house. Here, we talk simply to rent the problem that the building should note.
The origin of the building that rent has two kinds of kind:

One kind is the advertisement information that passes house-owner, contact room source with house-owner directly; Another kind is to entrust company of house property broker to lease a building.

Will tell commonly, be in big in city, stem from economic time and trade to consider safely, can entrust company of house property broker lease a building. The client is registered in company of house property broker hind, broker company presses the client's requirement to search the house that accords with a condition inside the area of make choice of, take a client to see a room freely for a short while. After the building with client appropriate make choice of, make an appointment with house-owner autograph by company of house property broker.

The client when the autograph is made an appointment with needs to carry Id original or original of temporary residence permit. Owner needs to carry Id to original, house property proves original or buy room agreement, next conduction buildings are accompanied to have sex in the house-agent check and accept formalities. Owner should reach building key electric card to wait give rent square. Examine the amount of the things such as the furniture with original building, home appliance and whole level. The problem that other need notes has: Must entrust large house broker company to rent a house for you; Sign the contract that rent to want to sign the contract that rent personally with him house-owner. If house-owner accredit other needs,examine good representative procedures. Tenant should read the contract that rent carefully, can consult a lawyer when necessary.

As bear hire square, want to notice the maintenance of oneself rights and interests not only, understand the obligation that oneself ought to fulfil even. If abide by bear the legal laws and regulations that leases building seat and hire convention; Regulation and lessor are dealt with jointly related according to register put on record formalities, must not use hire building to be engaged in violating an activity; Cannot do sth without authorization changes building structure, the influence rents the safety of building and photograph neighbor house; Cannot do sth without authorization changes building use, if will bear hire building instead to manage a gender to use a room, outside agreeing except both sides, still should abide by a village run stipulations of an agreement and ought to via having interests owner agree.

Special remind

If rent a building to be used at handle official bussiness or running an activity, its complexity wants far outclass to lease living building. The owner that normally office, business spreads property already precondition good content is very detailed reach use completely at the edifice all bear the uniform standard contract that hires a client. Accordingly, below this kind of circumstance, tenant entrusts professional attorney office to spread owner to offerred standard text version undertakes examine and verify and issue an opinion to office building, business, participate in both sides to concern the negotiation of the contract that rent at the same time, the interest that this maintains tenant to utmost ground and facilitate reasonably of bilateral contract sign, it is very necessary.
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