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Hire room common sense: Close cape mires coil up of Jia of muching earnestly Hui
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Case 1

After Xiaoli and his cummer seeks room course difficultly in what experienced a few months, found an one-room flat that adds up to a heart eventually. Door model make a person satisfactory with the house, hire is very appropriate also. Still buy new house without economic actual strength as a result of nearly two years, xiaoli and cummer plan settled two years to say again here. This covers a house most let what the person is anxious count electric home appliances

Solution 1 talk things over with landlord buy new home appliance

To a such rooms that have any usable home appliance hardly, talk things over with landlord before be hired buying new home appliance is very necessary. Especially to a few big and the electric home appliances

Because summer is very burning hot, too provoking without air conditioning, and do not have a law to pass more without water heater day. The way that so Xiaoli recalls finally is talk things over with landlord, go buying new air conditioning and water heater by him Xiaoli, buy the fare that place of this different home appliance spends, deduct inside chummage finally. Such, landlord owns the property of this different home appliance, and small Li Zehuo got access of two years. Restricted one part fund for small Li Jie so, what also can enjoy home appliance to bring at the same time is convenience.

Comment on: Talk things over with landlord buy home appliance to apply to bigger (the price is higher) and bad to take away home appliance. Besides air conditioning, water heater, provide like kitchen, those who smoke lampblack machine and so on, if bad to use, also can talk things over with landlord.

Solution 2 oneself are bought transfer type home appliance

Do not be willing to negotiate bought home appliance to those landlord, the way that Xiaoli recalls is to buy lower end but very economic product. Say TV above all, the old brand TV that stays as a result of landlord can receive 20 stations only, and quality also has bit of problem, final Xiaoli decides to put it in the sitting room, and one is purchased in the bedroom 21 inches pure smooth color television. Because,this is of TV change very fast, devalue fast also, had waited two years, television technology had appeared for certain very big change, after the TV that buys high end now is inferior to staying, move into new home to be bought again. Although this TV is bit smaller, move build up to also go to the lavatory nevertheless, and can put in cubicle to use later, also do not calculate waste.

It is freezer next, because Xiaoli is in the home to cook rarely at ordinary times, in the winter basically not need freezer, it is summer eats some of ice-cream, the frequency of use freezer is a few taller. But they always feel,not be oneself house, it is too good to do not want to buy so, and after all only two people are used, so final decision bought a diminutive pocket freezer. Such freezer does not take a place, not quite beautiful money, also can satisfy use need. Still have washing machine, this home appliance to them two for still need very much. They are looked at finally allowed home appliance of a famous brand to make the opportunity that lose, bought the washing machine with an inferior price, but performance is good still.
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