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The people that rents a house is read carefully please hire a room to ought to n
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8, September is the busy season that rent, the people that rents a house should notice the following at 6 o'clock:

One, the party that rent is in before signing a contract with estate broker orgnaization, can examine in door inn whether business charter or aptitude put on record proof, or net of buying operation of entry place estate examines estate broker orgnaization to reach its to wait for a circumstance from the credit archives of personnel of course of study, choose the estate broker orgnaization with good credit as far as possible.

2, before signing a contract, should check building right to belong to certificate or building rental a power of attorney, check entrust attributive and deadline; The identity document of lessor or agent qualification register card.

3, before signing a contract, answer to read contract article seriously, through the contract protective oneself closes right increase, the proposal uses contract demonstrative text version.

4, when conventional rent terms of payment, should avoid as far as possible one-time the rent that pays to be restricted more for a long time.

5, to individual estate broker because the orgnaization manages not to be pooh-poohed, cause cannot fulfil contract agreement, and both sides cannot come to an agreement, answer to settle civil dispute through judicatory way; Violate to orgnaization of individual estate broker compasses be engaged in a building renting later generations of bilk of acting business, executive economy to go of building sky, answer to report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism as soon as possible.

6, after the contract that rent is being signed between the individual, the party that rent ought to arrive the community of building seat (village) conduction building of rental building service station is rental the formalities that register.