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Do not drop a net to go up " special offer room " trap
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Yesterday, a classmate incoming telegram that surnames Liu says, now is the height that Nanjing rents a house, the intermediary on the net does not live roll out special offer room, do not spend authority or should not drop trap carefully. This month, she cheated 200 money with respect to company of intermediary of the room that be hired by on the net one.

The reporter understands, liu Tongxue comes to Nanjing to apply for a job from the other place, 13 days found this intermediary company on the net this month. When Liu Tongxue found Pearl River way according to the address that indicates on the net, did not find that intermediary company however. "Then I hit the past by the phone on the net, the person that pick up the telephone tells me, the company can send a person to come over. What will receive me at that time is a woman, she tells me, the company is being decorated, cannot find so. She takes me later went to another small black wicket area, say this is intermediary company, temporary change arrives here. Just take me to see a room later. " Liu Tongxue tells a reporter, "But she asks to hand in 100 money subscription first, and if she wants to accompany me to search, I still need to pay fee of 300 money intermediary again. I and she was told very long, she just agreed to make 200 money first. She just agreed to make 200 money first..

But, after handing in 200 money intermediary to expend, liutong learns or did not see a room, that " intermediary " with time very late for, reject to continue to take Liu Tongxue to see a room. And she assures to Liu Tongxue repeatedly, regular meeting lets her see a room. Think of the house picture of that piece of Zhang Piaoliang that sees on the net, liu Tongxue believed the word of intermediary company again. This month 14 days of early in the morning, liu Tongxue asks to see a room, but the manner of intermediary changes 180 degrees suddenly greatly, rebuff the demand that Liu Tongxue sees a room. Right now Liu Tongxue just realizes he may be decieved.

Then, the intermediary company that Liu Tongxue goes to looking for that lady to take her to go is academic, "At that time, we still came up against two Sichuan person, they also are cheated. " Liu Tongxue says, "They do not withdraw fund, the manner is returned very aggressive, came till the police also not release what is held. Finally, below the policeman's mediation, just withdrew 140 my fund. 60 money become losing only is to buy a lesson, hope everybody learn a lesson, the false medium that does not believe these deceiving people easily again! The false medium that does not believe these deceiving people easily again!!

Now is summer vacation hires room fastigium, dozens a few false intermediary are big " low " card, the very much person that rent a house accordingly " wore path " . The reporter understands to other and normal intermediary company controller, during summer vacation, come to Nanjing apply for a job from the other place, take care of the child to go to school and the undergraduate jackarooes these 3 kinds of people lease a building more. They ask the house is cheap but the boundary of a piece of land is good, and very tall also to time requirement, so a lot of people have an insatiable desire for petty gain to perhaps be eager to hope for success, oneself go on the net room source perhaps seeks on advertisement, invite those false medium so people take advantage.
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